About me and my family

Following is my ancestry back to my great-great-great- great grandfather.

My father and grandfather and great-grandfather all lived in this house on 127 West Pike Street.

My father went to Central Junior High School and graduated from WI H.S. in 1927.

He lettered in track and went by the nickname "High Hurdle"

My father is pictured in the center of the first row.

This is a photo of my grandmother taken in 1933.


This is a picture of my mother taken in the early 1940's.

Pictured below is my sister and her family.

Meet Judith Ellen Holden's family.

Below is a picture of Judy's mom and dad.

Below are pictures of Blair M. Holden in 1930 and 1929 when he worked for Western Union in Clarksburg.

This is a picture of the Holden siblings at an early age.

And one more picture when they were older.

Judy and I had three girls Deborah, Sandra and Jenifer.

We now have eight grandchildren.

Judy and I first met in while in junior high school and have been together every since. 

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