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Be sure to click on the WI High School History at the very end of the categories listed below. You will find every WI yearbook has been scanned and posted.

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About me and my family


Businesses and Buildings Part One A through C

Businesses and Buildings Part Two D through K

Businesses and Buildings Part Three L through P

Businesses and Buildings Part Four Q through Z


Clarksburg History

Drug Stores 

Floods-Fires and other Disasters

Glen Elk



Old Clarksburg Homes  

Parades and Bands

People from around Clarksburg



Sports in Clarksburg

Streets and Avenues in Clarksburg

More Streets and Avenues


Transportation around Clarksburg

Bridgeport, WV

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Products and Ads from the 40's to the 60's

Things we grew up with in the 40's and 50's

TV and Radio in the 50's

Comics and Magazines we read in the 50's

West Virginia

The History of Washington Irving High School

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  1. You have done an outstanding job with the history of Clarksburg
    I went to Morgan Grade School, which I understand is no longer there and Central Jr High also tore down. also went to WI as my mom and her brother. Fond memories of the 50's and early 60's when there.