Shown below are 3 pictures of WI High School taken from 1925 to 2001.

Below is Linden Grade School on Linden Ave. I went to school here after one year at Towers.
How well I remember the 4th grade teacher (Mrs. Timberlake) reading from the book "The Boxcar Children".
Mr. Flanigan was the principal and Mr. Hayes was the janitor.

Do you remember banking in grade school?  I found it very hard to have a savings account, especially when I had to pass the Dairy Queen every day.

Below is an old picture of Carlile Grade School. 

The Northwest Virginia Academy.

The building below is Towers Grade School. It stood at the site of the Northwestern Virginia Academy. The school was named after the Reverend George Towers, who taught at
the former Randolph Academy. Towers opened in the 1890's under the name of Clarksburg Public School.

The dairy company next to Tower Grade School was demolished to make room for the new Expressway ramp.

Towers was demolished in the mid 1990. Central Jr. H.S., seen in the background, closed around the same time and would also be demolished at a later date. Towers was located on Hewes Ave.

Below is an old picture taken of Pierpont School.

Victory High School

Clarksburg's Victory High School was located on Pike Street in Adamston.
In 1973 students began attending Liberty High School.
The old building became home for Adamston Grade School.

Kelly Miller H.S. was located on Water Street. The school was an African-American school and closed in 1955.
The building today houses the Harrison County School system.
The street where it was located was renamed a few years ago to E.B. Saunders Way.

Notre Dame High School.

Notre Dame High School on East Pike Street was a new school finished in 1956.

The old Adamston Grade School on West Pike Street in Adamston.
The old Victory High School is now the new location for the grade school.

Morgan School

Point Comfort

The fire that destroyed the old Point Comfort School on West Pike in Clarksburg. It happened in the 1960's.
The site is now home to the West End station of the Clarksburg Fire Dept.

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In 1922, Central Junior High School opened next to Towers Grade School. 
This new school would accommodate the 7th and 8th grade classes that had been attending Washington Irving High School since  1914.

Central Jr. High School in 1955.

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  1. Great pictures, Thank you for the share. I went to Morgan Grade School, and then to Central Jr. High School and Washington Irving as well as my mother and her brother. Sad to see Morgan Grade School is no more as well as Central and of course WI is now a middle school.