Things we grew up with in the 40's and 50's

Can you remember any of these things?

How about some of the candy in the 50's?

Remember how so many things had the name "WILD" in them?

If it wasn't "Wild" it was "Little".

And here's another thing I recall....

 Following were our work-out machines....

We played with toy guns and carried pocket knives.

Our bodies stayed busy and so did our eyes...

Those were the years.

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Clarksburg My Home Town

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  1. Tim,

    I have a Daisy Buck Jones air rifle which I got in grade school.It worked until I loaned it to our scoutmaster to teach his sones how to shoot in their basement with targets on a wall. He reused the deformed bbs in the air rifle until it stopped working. The gun is still broken after seven decades.
    I later had several other air rifles and pistols which still function.
    Charles Ferrell
    WI Class of 1946